Cechy charakteru (A1–B1) – ćwiczenia leksykalne

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Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.

Wybierz właściwe słowa do uzupełnienia zdań.

  1. The children are very   about going on holiday tomorrow.

  2. I stayed in bed until midday because I was so  .

  3. Could you please be   for a moment and listen to me?

  4. You want a new car? You must be  ! We don't have enough money to buy one!

  5.   people can find it difficult to find time to be with their families.

  1. Jim thought of a   way to repair the fridge door.

  2. My homework is too   for me. I need some help.

  3. I was   to hear that Mike has gone to live in France.

  4. My neighbours are too   to have a car.

  5. I hope you were   when you met Mr and Mrs Allsop.

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