Przysłówki częstotliwości - ćwiczenia z angielskiego

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Polecenie: Choose the correct adverbs of frequency to complete the sentences.
poziom ćwiczenia: elementary

Opis gramatyki: Przysłówki częstotliwości w języku angielskim

  1. I'm glad I only have to wake up  . I don't feel great in the mornings.

  2. My   jog helps me to keep fit. I run five miles every morning.

  3. I   wake up early but sometimes I don't hear the alarm clock.

  4. My mum   has eggs for breakfast and loves them with toast.

  5. My phone keeps ringing   but when I take the call there's nobody there.

  6. I   go to the library these days but have no choice if I can't find the information I need on the web.

  7. It would be nice to go out with my friends   because we have a great time together.

  8. I plan to exercise   to be as fit as possible.

  9. Why does Jeffrey sing  ? It makes it hard to work well.

  10. My friends come round   for our weekly game of cards.

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