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Choose the correct adverbs of frequency to complete the sentences.

poziom ćwiczenia: elementary

Opis gramatyki: Przysłówki częstotliwości w języku angielskim

  1. Gordon   does extra work in a pub because he needs a new car as soon as possible.

  2. David can only work on his new book   in winter because he's a busy teacher.

  3. These days we don't go to the pub very   because we're out of work.

  4. You wear the same clothes   and look the same every day.

  5. Trains to the city centre leave   or so.

  1. I cry   I hear this song because it's so sad.

  2. We should go dancing  . It's fun!

  3. Check the soup   to make sure it's okay.

  4. Please call me   so I'll know you're okay.

  5. I'm having English lessons   because one lesson a week wasn't enough.

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