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Polecenie: Insert: LATELY, ALREADY, YET,
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Opis gramatyki: Present Perfect - just, already, yet

  1. Adrianna hasn't finished cutting the onions .

  2. Has Micky fixed me a drink ?

  3. Wow! I have learnt about five thousand words in Dutch.

  4. Mum, has anybody called me ?

  5. Son, you haven't even started thinking of going to university . You must do something about that.

  6. Matthew is happy because he has got some Christmas presents.

  7. Come with us! Oh, I'm sorry, but we have been to this museum.

  8. I haven't seen Elizabeth for ages. Where has she been living ?

  9. Don't bring any alcohol. Dad has bought some wine.

  10. Have the students written their MA projects ?


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