Stopniowanie przymiotników – ćwiczenia z angielskiego

Polecenie: Complete the sentences. Use the comparative form of adjectives.
poziom ćwiczenia: elementary

Opis gramatyki: Stopniowanie przymiotników angielskich

  1. I'd like to have long hair. It's too short now.

  2. Climbing mountains is dangerous than hiking.

  3. He was lucky in his late life than in his youth.

  4. We need to buy a big table but it has to be cheap than the one we saw yesterday.

  5. I think Madonna is famous than Janet Jackson.

  1. It's far to the bank than I thought.

  2. I'll talk to my mother. Her advice will be useful than yours.

  3. I'm much good at tennis than my old sister.

  4. Life is complicated than you believed it to be.

  5. I'm a bit thin than my brother but he's tall.

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