Czas Present Perfect Continuous - ćwiczenia


Complete the sentences using Present Perfect Continuous

poziom ćwiczenia: intermediate

Opis gramatyki: czas Present Perfect Continuous

  1. I'm a teacher. Oh, how long teach?

  2. You look tired. work hard?

  3. I can smell dinner. your sister/cook?

  4. Don't worry about being late. I not/wait long.

  5. What you/do here? The floor is all wet.

  1. Someone use my computer! It's broken now!

  2. She looks exhausted. she/run?

  3. I not/feel well for the past hour. I need to see the doctor.

  4. He call Sue all evening, but there's no reply.

  5. Tom is still reading that book. He read it all day.

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