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Witam, mógłby mi ktoś przetłumaczyć tą piosenkę ?
I say we all we have to change
In each his own way
Only jah can judge a man
And so i gotta do my own thang

I said i'm at the reins
Steering it like how i said i would have been
Can't over stand say the ones who shoulda friends
Them woulda pretend you and them no good again
Wadada deng but than no matter on ya
Evil a scatter when me satta massagania

Nah follow back a none a them who woulda want you
Take it to the top but if you drop them woulda scorn you
But sure as the leaves shall fall from trees
I assure babylon shall fall to knees
Overstand everyone you can't go please
Do from you blessed don't be stressed go your own way

You shoulda seen me in my room
Mic stand it was a broom
Nine years old with a vision and a tool
Now the camera them a zoom with the flash that coulda blind
Darkness it brings flash back inna me mind
Now i'm back upon the grind something like you've never seen
Fresh up out the cage now i switching up the team
Tidy up the house spic and span it till it clean
Life lessons learned let me tell you what i mean
Let no amount of money come between we
That was said evidently they never feel me
So when the show you who they are better believe it
And saw my friends start drifting away

I keep hear a revolution time
But me want fi hear some evolution of mind
Tired fi hear bout all the doctrine
Cause no matter what them say me say the clock still spin
And thought we all try to hold on
Even thought letting go wouldn't be so wrong
Then you will find out life goes on
Facing all you doubt is what makes you strong

Nie mam na myśli tłumaczenia dosłownego.. chciałbym zrozumieć te piosenke, spróbować ja zinterpretować, o czym ona jest..
Głównie angielski, nie powinno być problemu ze zrozumieniem. Te inne słowa to chyba patois/creole.
Cytat: Aaric
Głównie angielski, nie powinno być problemu ze zrozumieniem. Te inne słowa to chyba patois/creole.

tak. Wymowa typical Jamaican Bob Marley ale wiem ze to nie jego piosenka.
Satta Massagana


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