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... dziś tylko jeden. :)

Założyłam sobie za cel napisanie jednego artykułu na dzień, w razie przemęczenia materiału dwa. Wszystkie będę wstawiać do tego tematu.
Mój spelling pozostawia wiele do życzenia, dlatego też muszę dołożyć wszelkich starań, by było tylko lepiej...

Za każde korekty, uwagi i poprawki będę naprawdę niezmiernie wdzięczna i jeśli będzie możliwość - odwdzięczę się.

Pozdrawiam serdecznie!


* I dedicate this article to every person who must to hear my complaining every evening.

When it comes about every artistic profession there are two terms: motivation and burnout. Something in it because besides a lot of problems with your customers, unpaid bills and many conflicts with your family (“You spend too much time front of the computer again!” and still the same babbling), you can add one more problem – I suppose the biggest – just you.

I always thought that a work at home is the best form of job in the world. I was imagined myself somewhere far far away in the tropics, lying flat on a hammock, drink a colourful alcohol and making some amazing and cheap project for rich a customer. Whereas…
A lack of motivation has a lot of factors. One of them is making too much projects at a last minute. To be frank disorganization is my big problem. I’m still trying to fight with this by 4 ways.

1) Everywhere look for inspiration
Sometimes I don’t have any motivation when I have no idea for creating a new project. I am sitting with blank card while a few hours and no result. So, I am starting a watch stupid portals with stupid pictures on the Internet until a late evening. After this I am discovering it’s no time for finish this task today. A cruel truth…
It is a good idea to look some inspiration on the Internet. For example: Google Graphic. Many people had the same problem with same project as you, so try to spy out some solution making by other graphic designers. Maybe you can go outside? You can find an inspiration everywhere, even on a short trip to a shop or a park.

2) Go away from before a computer
When I have to make some project and sit front of the computer, instead of a passing thought: “Yea, make this fast and f*cking superbly!” I just think: “Oh no, computer again…”. Each subsequent hour spending front of the computer is a torture for me. It’s only need to going away somewhere else and relaxing. For some people relax is a tasty coffe and a good book, or jogging and doing sports. It is your choice how to relax yourself.

3) Money, money … MONEY!
Let you think what will be after finish your order. Yes… You will have some money. Maybe it will be not a bath with full of euro or dollars, but you always can buy something new and make yourself simply happy.

4) Remember: whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it just for yourself
Every new project for a customer is a occasion for a good training. New people, new solutions and new tools are really important factors for developing your skills and abilities. And this way motivate me the most.

Do you have some patents for fighting with lack of motivation? Share with me!

prawie w kazdym zdaniu bledy
ale mysle ktos na pewno pomoze
... who must hear me complaining every evening;)'
Cytat: Robbertoxx
... who must hear me complaining every evening;)'

a czy nie 'listen to'?
'MY complaining' byłoby chyba też dobrze.

(W takim tempie nie skończymy tego poprawiać. A jutro kolejny?!) :)
...po prostu 1-sza mysl byla moja taka;) listen to my complaints np.
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listen to my/me complaining
when it comes to every artistic profession
there is something in it
in front of the computer
just yourself
I have always thought that working at home...
I imagined myself
drinking colourful drinks
for rich customers
making too many projects at the last minute
to be frank, ...
I have no idea how to create a new project
for a few hours and there's no result
to start to do something
to look for some inspiration
get away from the computer
It’s only need to going away somewhere else and relaxing. <~~~~ to jest wybitnie źle
just think what will be after you finish ... order to chyba złe słowo
full of euro, you can always ...
an occasion
this way motivates me the most
the lack of ...
Ojej, dziękuję za taki odzew! Już się biorę do analizowania.

Czytając ten tekst czy ktoś mógłby mi powiedzieć, na co powinnam zwrócić szczególną uwagę podczas pisania?
Cytat: zielonosiwy
just think what will be after you finish ... order to chyba złe słowo

Order opierałam na wyrażeniu "to perform an order" - "wykonać zlecenie". Wydaje mi się, że to słowo powinno być dobrze. Chyba, że "an order" jest czymś w sensie zlecenia odgórnego, którego nie możesz odrzucić...? :)


One of a folk wisdom says: “A conformism is a thing which you can practice without fear of ridicule”. Two factors are infulencing for our choices:
- What we are thinking about
- What other people are thinking about
A conformism is a very strong motivating element in our life, especially when every products on the market are almost the same. We can resign from our views and subordinate ourselves a popular opinion, when differences between products are small. If we do not absolutely sure our choice, there is bigger probability that we will let other people materially affect ourselves.
If some product is often advertised, it is a signal for a consument that the product is more popular and more known than other in the same sector. A popularity is something as a magnet. An advertising can increase this reaction. We are just consumers and we can declare that a product is popular because it is advertised. Somewhere in this machine is a trap for company. Every firm must remember, that excessive popularity devalue worth of a product.

- Czy czasownik "influence" łączy się z -ing?
- Miałam największy problem z napisaniem sformułowania takim jak: "Im bardziej ... , tym bardziej ..." i właściwie do teraz nie wiem jak to napisać po angielsku.
np. 'The more you live, the more you love' ( to akurat tyt. piosenki ' A Flock Of Seagulls) ale zawiera w sobie sens " Im bardziej A,..tym bardziej B":)
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