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Bardzo proszę o sprawdzenie e-maila :) będę wdzięczna za wszelkie uwagi

I would like to inform you about our recent developments.
As you know, we were forced to postpone our last meeting because the boss was not feeling well. Actually he is recovered and would be grateful if we can meet together. He wants to bring us up to date on what is happening on the marketing front.
I arranged the meeting on Monday for 3 o’clock in the conference room. I expect to see you there and hope that everyone will be on time.
is or has recovered?
would be grateful if we could meet together
Podejrzewam ze podstawilas actually pod aktualnie, imo bledne.
edytowany przez fui_eu: 23 paź 2013
a pod względm użycia czasów jest ok?? Chodzi mi głownie o : we were forced to postpone..., I arranged the meeting...., he has recovered....
have arranged
meet together > pleonazm
"Meet together" is a bit awkward, but not wrong per se.
moze lepiej get together albo meet bezzzz together
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