Poprawna forma czasownika w nawiasie - proszę o pomoc! :)

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Bardzo proszę o sprawdzenie poprawności form czasowników. :) jeśli jest możliwość wpisania kilku form proszę o podanie ich :) z góry dziękuję :)

1.The letters from our readers [are published] (publish) in every second issue of our magazine.
2.He said he [had never changed] (never, changed) a wheel before.
3.My little brother believes that pets can't travel abroad unless they [have] (have) a passport.
4.We agreed [to share] (share) the flat for six months.
5.You ought [to understand] (understand) the importance of this meeting.
6.I [had never met] (never, met) this man before.
7.Steve was lucky [get] (get) a good price for this old car. He [was paid] (pay) two thousand pounds for it.
8.I'd rather [not see] (not see) that women right now.
9.While she [was trying] (try) on the skirt, the assistant [looking] (look) for a jacket that would match it.
10.I [have been washing] (wash) the dog and now I'm wet through.
11.We couldn't [have travelled] (travel) at 100 mph. It took us more than two hours to get there.
12.They'd like to have a dishwasher but they can't afford [buy] (buy) one.
13.I wish I [knew] (know) your thoughts.
14."When [did Mayflower sail] (sail) to America?"Well, it [was] (be) in 1420.
15.Will you help me [hang] (hang) this shelf over the bed?
16.You needn't [have tried] (try) so hard to explain it to them. They didn't even want to listen.
17.George couldn't get in. He [had lost] (lose) his keys somewhere.
18.You'd better [not tease] (not tease) this pit bull terrier.
19.During my visit to Brompton last week, I [was taken] (taken) round the palace by its owner lady Brompton.
20.He must [have been] (be) in hurry. He forgot to switch off the lights.
21.I was astonished [to see] (see) my uncle and aunt at the disco last night.
22.The locks have [to be changed] (change) as soon as possible.
23.They can't make me [resign] (resign) from this office.
24.[Have you drunk] (you, drink) your tea yet?
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9b zle
12 zle
edytowany przez zielonosiwy: 21 lut 2015
A 6 dobrze?
a, fakt
6 zle
Dziękuję, a mógłbyś podać poprawne formy?
zrobilas reszte dobrze, to tych nie sprobujesz zrobic dobrze?
smiało, poprawimy
7. Got
9. Was looking
12. To buy
Tak? Skoro 2 jest dobrze, to co jest nie tak z 6? Czym to się różni?
steve was lucky got - steve miał szczęscie dostał
8 i 12 ok
w 2 cofasz czas, bo to mowa zalezna
Czyli w 7 będzie getting, a w 6 have zamiast had, tak? :)
tak, mewcia
Super :) dziękuję bardzo :)
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