Sprawdzenie prostych zdań w czasach present i past.

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Dzień dobry. Bardzo proszę o sprawdzenie poprawności poniższych zdań.
1.Before he started his new job, William had never been to Paris.
2.Sally's interest in the environment started when she was at university.
3.We had been climbing the mountain for 3 hours when we saw the bear.
4.It started raining while was the middle of the picnic and so we had to get back in the car.
5.You won't scare the animals as long as you will be very quiet.
6.The lions won't pay you attention provided you don't move.
7.We can't leave unless Sam hasn't finished taking photos of the birds.
8.When walking in the mountains, always take warm clothes with you in case the weather change suddenly.
9.My friend, Lola has written the stories since she was a child.
10.Emily was painting the mountain when Lawrence noticed her,
11.When people first arrived, dinosaurs have disappeard already.
12.Dan swam the last time in the sea 3 years ago, because it's very cold here.
13.Do you know why the boss change Jonathan's job ?
14.Who did go with Emma on the cruise ?
15.Who gave up going to the gym first ?
16.Can you tell me the guests enjoyed the party last night ?
Z góry bardzo dziękuję za pomoc.
4. while was the middle ja bym tylko dał 'in the middle'
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4. while was the middle ja bym tylko dał 'in the middle'

Ok dziękuję!
A reszta w porządku ?
A reszta w porządku ?
Nie. Widzę sporo błędów ale nie mam w tej chwili czasu żeby dokładnie przejrzeć.
dinosaurs had already disappeared
1has changed
5 as long as you are
16 whether the guests
8 changes
14 who did Emma go with
7 doesn't finish
7. Can't put my finger on it but still wrong imo even after correction.
8. Też ;-))
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7 unless Sam finishes
8 when you walk in the mountains
6 lions won't pay attention to you (pay attention to sb/sth)
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