As long as he is...he has a problem with...

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Hi all.
Please help me, is this sentence correct?

"As long as he is ok with not eating sweets he is struggling when his daughter asking for cookies"

It's a part of message about patient who is dealing with obesity. He doesn't have problem with not eating any sweets, but he has problem when his daughter ask for cookies or lollies, although she hasn't a problem with heir weight, but he feels like it is not good for her. I'm not sure about using "As long as" which is used in this sentence.

Have a nice day {-=^:^=-}
I'd put 'struggles' and 'ask' ('ask' in the text is wrong too).
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na początku jednak 'while', nie 'as long as'
przecinek po sweets
mozna tez 'although...'