Strona bierna – ćwiczenia


Change the sentences from passive into active.

poziom ćwiczenia: intermediate

Opis gramatyki: Strona bierna - podsumowanie

  1. Your test should be checked before handing it in.

  2. He was offered a new loan by his bank manager.

  3. Mobile phones are used by many young people.

  4. My wallet has been taken by Amanda.

  5. The phones are being packed into the boxes.

  1. Who was the prize won by?

  2. Harry is being questioned by the police.

  3. The opera house was being repainted the last time I was there.

  4. My jewellery has been stolen!

  5. This portrait was painted by an unknown artist.

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napisałam: who did win the prize? a jest Who won the prize? może ktoś wytłumaczyć różnicę...

Thank you, ~!! ٩(- ̮̮̃-̃)۶

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