Present Continuous budowa - ćwiczenia

Polecenie: Complete the statements and questions with the correct forms.
poziom ćwiczenia: elementary

Opis gramatyki: Present Continuous - pytania i przeczenia

  1. You you/follow/not my instructions.

  2. Stephen well/not/doing in his exams.

  3. Why not/enjoying/Paul and Pamela themselves?

  4. have/Belinda a shower? I need to use the bathroom.

  5. invite/you any of your old school friends to your party?

  1. Mr Grimes teach/not adults these days.

  2. When give/Bill and Sandy their first concert?

  3. What wear/you to the disco tonight?

  4. Why you/wash your socks by hand when you have a washing machine?

  5. We we/drive to Berlin because the bus is too slow.

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31 sty 2018

He isn't doing well in his exams.


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