Present Continuous budowa - ćwiczenia

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Polecenie: Complete the statements and questions with the correct forms.
poziom ćwiczenia: elementary

Opis gramatyki: Present Continuous - pytania i przeczenia

  1. When open/you your new shop?

  2. What you/prepare for lunch today?

  3. still/rent/Josh that nice flat near the town centre?

  4. use/you that program I told you about?

  5. Why print/this photocopier in colour?

  6. Are you sure that you click in the right place?

  7. guess/you because you don't know the facts?

  8. the speaker/say anything of real interest?

  9. roast/Mum a chicken for dinner?

  10. Ted and Danny speak/not to each other at the moment.

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