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Write the cardinal numbers and the ordinal numbers in words.

poziom ćwiczenia: elementary

Opis gramatyki: Liczebniki porządkowe – Ordinal Numbers

  1. Friday is the 5 day of the week and Saturday is the 6.

  2. The furniture I like cost 999 dollars.

  3. My father is 42 and my mother is 51.

  4. December is the 12 month of the year and November is the 11.

  5. Bill collects sugar sachets and he's got exactly 2253 in his collection.

  1. My son came 4 in the singing contest this year and 10 last year.

  2. I won 700 pounds in the lottery last week.

  3. It's the 88 concert in London this summer.

  4. This is the 9 day of my fast.

  5. The picture was worth 3100 dollars.

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