• Just imagine you really write an article :-)
  • Think of an appropriate, eye-catching title.
  • You may refer to your title in your article - that will show that your text is coherent.
  • Do not use very formal language, however try to keep in mind where you are writing to (school newspaper; daily paper; magazine) and adjust your register.
  • Use questions and question tags.
  • Address your reader directly. Try to get him/her involved in what you are writing about.
  • Be careful with tenses. The article may refer to the present or to the past. Read carefully what you are expected to do in the task.
  • Focus on your introduction and conclusion - try to avoid one-sentence introduction/conclusion.
  • There are several ways in which you may begin your article:

    • a quotation or saying:

      'It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife' *.
      Detailed study of matrimonial offers given to magazines proves that this is still the case. 75 per cent of men ready to wear wedding rings declare financial independence and stability.

      * Jane Austen 'Pride and Prejudice'

    • criptic statement (you begin with a statement that is unclear for the reader):

      At last everything has been completed. The vans and trucks are loaded, equipment is checked and people are ready for their journey. It took over a year to prepare the whole action but for them it is just the beginning. The humanitarian aid is due to cross the border of our country today night at 2 a.m.

    • an anecdote:

      On 26 November 1922 Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon entered the new discovered tomb in necropolis near Luxor. After 3000 years they were the first people who passed the 'blind gate' and saw the Pharao's treasure. The legend claims that the discovery was accompanied by several signs of gods' disapproval and that ignorance of European archeologists cost them their lives.
      Nowadays the famous legend attracts hordes of tourists. The ancient spell that was to protect prince's eternal life turned against him. The 'house' of his soul is devastated year after year.

    • a question:

      Have you ever imagined climbing the Mountain? You think it is not possible without months of previous training and preparations, right? Here you are wrong. All you need to get ready is... your bank account number. Mount Everest, called the Mountain by people who feel respect to it, is now offered as a tourist attraction for those who can afford such a trip.

  • Good ending is very crucial. It may be the summary of the points made in the article, the rhetorical question or the paraphrase of the statement made before.


Useful expressions:
  • Let's...
  • How about...?
  • Would you...?
  • I think you will agree that...
  • I hope you can imagine...
  • What would you do if...
  • All in all...
  • To sum up...
  • The conclusion is...

Sample answer:

Q: You work for the student newspaper. You have been asked to write an article about the theatre group that is going to make a performance in your town.

All in one - come and watch

Have you ever been asked to make a decision and choose only one thing out of many that you really like? I am sure you have. And then you always wonder what would have happened if you had chosen the alternative. Maybe you just missed something really special... You do not particularly like that feeling, do you? There is a group of young people who decided once that it is ridiculous to choose if you can have all in one - do you want to meet them? Actually, you will have a chance soon.

The Red Dragon Theatre Group is coming to our town next week. They will bring a lot of good sense of humour, music, dance, and anything you can think of that should appear on stage. Their main concern is to make you think, laugh, maybe cry a bit, but above all to give you a great time. I bet you will love them at first sight.

To make the long story short - you cannot miss this event! The group is going to perform in The Globe theatre and they have promised to meet your expectations. The choice is obvious this time... Simply, come and watch.

[200 words]