• Remember who your target reader is.
  • Do not forget to give the title of the film/book of which you write this review.
  • Summarize the plot of the film/book. Remember to use the Present Simple tense.
  • No spoilers ;-) This means that you should reveal only the basic plot of a novel or movie, without giving away the entire story.
  • Try to incorporate humor into your review...
  • Focus on evaluation and recommendation. If you include both positive and negative points try to keep proper balance between them.

Sample answer:

Q: A group of young people editing a school newspaper asked you to write a short review of one of the awarded films that were shown during the Summer Film Festival. They want to choose one film to be presented in their school.

From the four awarded films I would like to recommend 'The Bugs' Life'. It is a very interesting animation with vivid action and funny dialogues. It is a story about love and friendship in the world of insects.
The action begins with the conflict between ants and grasshoppers. The ants are terrorised and have to collect food for the aggressors. Unfortunately, this year the food is not ready when the band arrives. Their boss, Hopper, is furious and threatens to destroy the anthill if the seeds are not collected till the end of the summer. But one of the ants thinks that this time Hopper went too far and wants to teach him and his band a lesson. So he leaves in search for bugs brave enough to face the band...
The story is extremely funny - the bugs are talkative, lively and their adventures are incredible. You will sit on the edge of your seat till the very end of the story. And do not forget to stay a bit longer as there are some bonus scenes from the film included at the end - surprising and unexpected... Have fun.

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