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Hello! (:
Hm, how do I start? I've decided to post a new thread here, since there are many people who would like to converse in English. I'm surprised, no - mystified, that no one had added such a thread before. Perhaps people are too shy, because we feel like this world forces us to know English and if we are unable to speak it at that level yet, we feel ashamed and even don't try. I make many mistakes too and it would be a fantastic opportunity if we pointed out each other's mistakes. We learn by practice and making mistakes - everyone knows this fact.
I would have written something here before, but as some of you might suspect - the Matura exam... ehh... Of course, it's not the end of this torment - I'm passing English tomorrow. (Heh, passing, because I will probably pass ;D, unless some boulder comes out of the blue in the class and makes me speechless and then of course vanishes, with no one seeing it except me.) I mean the oral part.
I have no clue about what we can talk, probably about something as mundane as music or movies. Everything will do, as we're here to practice - so do not fear and write what you want. ;) Any ideas?
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no one had added such a thread before

I came across lots of threads throughout this site ,but it was a longer time before. I bet you could find some of them ,unless they have been removed .
Music was and has been all my life. Have you ever had a snatch of conversation to M. Ure or Vincent Clarke ??
Well, it's possible that they were moved to archive. I don't know this site well enough, but why somebody would like to delete a thread...?

Why "was"?
You mean with them? Heh, of course not, but I had heard something about Vincent Clarke, I think. :) Music has been all my life, too. Unfortunately, it's difficult to find something that would appeal to me. You know, has been, because I only used to listen to (well, I wouldn't really call it listening) songs that were on the radio or some music channels. I still don't know that many songs and I don't think I'm confined to any particular genre. I can say that I don't like pop (which is a little weird now, considering what I used to listen), but in all genres (except pop maybe) you can find something worth appreciating. Did you hear something about Epica?
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I grew up with ' synth -pop" and gathered quite a lot of tunes right from the very beggining of the 80's - still catchy and fresh not matter passing of time . I've even got my DM's release signed by V.Clarke. I met him in the UK. ( we bumped into each other purely by chance )
So there ale tons of tracks that you recommend for sure. ;) Not to be mysterious, I can say that, except Epica, I enjoy listening to songs of Dargaard, Lesiem and Eisbrecher the most. I also like listening to Eivor, especially her latest songs, Daemonia Nymphe, Haggard and Qntal.
You got lucky. (: By the way, how long was your stay in the UK? If you remember, of course. ;)
Well, those mentioned tell me not a lot , perhaps 'Epica'- I must have heard it being played somewhere that's why it does ring my bell . What sort of music do they play ?
Actually, I would be very surprised if they did say something to you. Not many people have similar taste in music, yet somehow everyone seems to know what is popular these days, but often they know nothing beyond that (I don't exclude myself, I don't know many things too). Even if I rarely listen to the radio now, something always reaches my ears. ;)
Epica... You could have searched it on Google, but in case you haven't done it already, I'll tell you that they play symphonic metal. I still remember how I had stumbled upon "Unchain Utopia" by accident - the first song I heard from them, but of course it couldn't have ended there. ;) They surely have a lot of interesting songs.
When it comes to your stay in the UK, I was just curious if you stayed longer there. I've never been to the UK anyway.
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Well, I 'd been there not for too long , 3 years altogether if I can remember rightly. It was shortly after I obtained my diploma. Surely , did I have such opportunity again , I would set off there for awhile, but not for a long period. Apart from anything else , Poland is much more beautiful country and I have no doubt about it. At the end of the day - they don't have too many whereabouts to go hiking.
Cytat: Robbertoxx
they don't have too many whereabouts to go hiking.

do they have Tatras ??
I googled your songs, I think i'm gonna like them ( sorry for my informal Eng )
I'm sorry for my late reply. I've recently had to wait a few days for someone's response on a certain forum, so I'm sure nothing happened, (you had to wait two days only, hehe) especially that someone finally joined us, hopefully not only in order to say "what?" and share some link.
3 years? So your spoken English has to be excellent! (;
Don't be sorry for your informal English. It's easier to talk when somebody's not stiff, although the first thought that came to my mind while reading the last sentence was "what? - do I, all of a sudden, have some songs, am I in some parallel universe?". ;) You meant Epica's songs, right? I doubt you were listening to songs of all bands, but maybe if your time flows differently than mine, heh.
Were you watching "Eurovision" yesterday?
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I know that every one of us have a pretty tight schedulge ,so that it may be hard to catch up with each other straight away but no need to panic :) A people I'd talked to said to me that my spoken Eng was far better than written , I could communicate freely no matter accent , despite it was hard to me to make out every single word while walking down a London's streets . I't not me to gauge it but I took it as a compliment whatsoever. I was watching it and kept my fingers crossed for our singer - it is beyond any doubt . An Ukrainian singer has been to win it :) I think she deserved this .
what do you think about fads in music?
I meant these ones that might figure as a one - hit -wonder on charts , you know what i mean :)
I've been attempting to make my own tunes since I bought my first 'yamaha" work station. I'm swaying toward the old ,good 80-ies, always fresh and sound- worthy :)
Luckily, I'm not panicking. (;
Believe me, I would like to speak English better than to write it. Unfortunately, I don't have many opportunities to talk to somebody in this language and it's not going to change soon.
Do you mean making out every single word by eavesdropping? I'm not even able to do it in Polish, I'm afraid, heh.
'cause it was a compliment. ;)
I have to admit that I actually like the song of that Ukrainian singer the most.
You mean these pop songs? They are not even worthy of my attention, or at least most of them. Besides, it annoys me that in music videos so-called "singers" seldom show something interesting and original. Usually, they are interested solely in undressing, what is pathetic.
I infer that you're talented and you can sing decently. Who knows? Perhaps one day the world will hear about you. ;)
If you're wondering why I edit everything (almost), I can say I write incoherently sometimes or I forget to add something.
They are not even worthy of my attention

Sometimes it is. I cannot resist thinking that a large number of today's stuff is far too commercialized imo. If it was not like that - a record companies would be in trouble because of their sales reaching the rock bottom. Nevertheless I can find some worthwhile " re- recorded- versions" of a good old tunes , but in general ,they are often a whole lot worse than its original release. What goes to making a music by me -it's a different kettle of fish -I'd have to swap my PC for a new one . It is still getting too slow to run some 'plug- ins ' .
I infer that you're talented and you can sing decently

Nope, I can't sing at all but I can play synths quite well.
If you're wondering why I edit everything (almost), I can say I write incoherently sometimes or I forget to add something.

I did not wonder why and pay attention to it if I you want me to be honest. I know myself being a bit chaotic at times too, but I always write straight out from head not being backed by any dictionary. I've got to say that I can understand you perfectly- so what does it matter??
it annoys me that in music videos so-called "singers" seldom show something interesting and original.

I tend to agree with it. It is all called as ' a pursuit for money and round - the - world recognition ' ' . They present what they are told by their spin doctors and more or less, I know what i'm on about :)
What a profuse response! I even had started wondering what other subject to find to discuss, but as far as I can see, there's nothing to worry about. You seem quite talkative. ;)
I know. However, pop singers could shock at least, not only undress themselves. Haha, I really want to see the faces of people watching these music videos 50 or more years later. I'm very curious of their reactions... unless it's going to be worse in 50 years. Well, I hope that any seriously grave catastrophe isn't looming above the music industry. By the way, don't you have this impression that movie remakes are worse than the original ones too?
So maybe some band would be the best option? ;) The problem is, it would be necessary for you to find someone who can sing well, someone you could work with.
I also rarely use dictionaries (certainly, when I read something I'm forced to look up words at times, and yeah, I don't use one dictionary (:), but corrections are inevitable.
Still, shocking is more effective I think, and you can shock no one being naked (singers do the same thing over and over again to the point of boredom).
What about your other interests? If you'd like to share. ;)
edytowany przez Laemear: 16 maj 2016
you can shock no one being naked ...there's some grain of truth - it appears wide -spread tendency amongst singers ,but I get used to . If you got apperance and body , you don't necessairly have to be an artist
And now not so profuse response. I'm guessing you don't have much time.
Unfortunately, I'm unable to paste the links here (I can copy them using only the You Tube version for computers and it is now impossible - my new smartphone turns off immediately every time when I try to change the version). Just search "9 teachers who had the last laugh" and "teachers who are funnier than their students". You will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, burst into laughter. (;
edytowany przez Laemear: 17 maj 2016
not so a very/such a profuse response
Thanks, Zielonosiwy. ;)
Change the version of what ? You are perhaps getting some conflict of drivers that were installed onto your smarthphone. You can also try to update " flashplayer " to a newer version ( if you have already had such one ) or to reinstall your internet browser if it is required. Eventually, there may be something wrong going on with the operating system. In a nutshell, can't tell anything more ,I just don't know which one is used by you .
I'm using the mobile version of You Tube and everything is fine. I only can't copy links - it requires the computer version and apparently my smartphone can't stand this one.
Thanks for your advice. I'll try to do something with it.
By the way, don't you have this impression that movie remakes are worse than the original ones too?

Same here , yes, it can well be applied to a movie industry ... since some commercial stations have taken over ,there is no place for other ones that did not fit in .
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