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I'm guessing you don't have much time

You know, I just have had a pretty tight schedule to piece things together and had to work 'round - the -clock " . :(
I mean I'm going to keep up with you if only time allows, I got quite busy schedule and I want you to know that I've known the 80's stuff almost inside out :)
I don't doubt you will keep up with me. I would be surprised if you didn't - as I had mentioned, you seem quite talkative.
It's good to know someone conversant with 80's stuff. Although we don't really know each other, heheh.
Besides, have you been learning other languages? Curiosity killed the cat, but I have no idea what other innocent question I could ask. (;
I have no idea what other innocent question I could ask.

You can ask anything you want , well, except a newest trends in women's mode and perfumes ,because i'm quite rubbish in it. Nope, I've lever learnt any other language apart from Russian which was a long years ago. I surely won't be talking about stealth fighters , initial detection radars , precision -guided munition , air -defence systems or maths - I'm afraid these ones could be hard to follow ;(
Yes, questions concerning these matters could cause harm, but I assure you will not need medication. (;
What makes you think I would enjoy talking about initial detection, I wonder? Maybe you know somebody on the Internet who would. I'm not a genius when it comes to math. In fact, I'm terrible at it, so no need to worry. ;) As for fashion, the latest trends and perfumes, my mum is an expert. Well... not really, but she's interested in it.
And now you don't read anything in Russian? Too bad. Knowing more than two languages could be advantageous, although I won't deny that it's good, even very good, to know at least two. I regret sometimes that I don't know German. Maybe some day...
Did you take "Test Your Vocab" test, out of curiosity? Of course, I'm not insisting on revealing your results. The site is interesting and seems to be quite credible, so I thought I'd mention it.
Besides, you can ask me anything as well. Or "you may". Someone "has told" me this word concerns permission rather than ability. I haven't read anything about this though, so you can laugh now. ;)
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And now you don't read anything in Russian

I've got to say that not at all. My grasp of Russian hasn't developed any further since I left school despite the fact I've had a couple occassions to speak it. So to speak, I can speak it only barely . I am graduated of maths ( ..with diploma obtained, of course :) ) . after I'd received it I went for" institute of weaponry ' as a sort of additional studies at the same venue .
I am graduated of maths

I am a maths graduate
indeed , I got a bit carried away :(
What makes you think I would enjoy talking about initial detection, I wonder?

I suspect that you wouldn't want me going on about it, so let it be:) It is pretty obvious for somebody who had not touched these issues .:)
So you're saying that you can understand written Russian but you have trouble speaking it? I assumed that you don't know the language, because you had said "I've never learnt...", and for me, a language isn't something that can be learned. Yes, you can know a language but the process of learning never stops. You always stumble upon words previously unknown to you, ad infinitum, ad infinitum...
Math and institute of weaponry? Interesting... ;)
Yes, I'm not familiar with it. Actually, I'm not familiar with many things yet, but I have many years to live. ;)
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Did you take "Test Your Vocab" test, out of curiosity?

Dear Rob ,
Thank you for completing the English Level Test at www.examenglish.com/leveltest
This tested your level of English grammar and vocabulary.
Congratulations! Your level is C2 (advanced/mastery)
This is approximately equivalent to CPE, an IELTS band score of 9 or 120 at
Time taken: 4 minutes, 58 seconds
Date: 18/03/13

For information about levels please visit www.examenglish.com/CEFR/cefr.php

Exam English
Free practice tests for learners of English

Not such bad :)
Yes, you can know a language but the process of learning never stops

Indeed , it is much like pursuing a wild cat across african deserts . you're aiming at something that seems close within range ,but you never know if you get it, you just cannot be one hundred per cent sure about it . Maths wasn't such piece of cake to go through as for the fact I had to learn it broken into several independent subjects, and they differed from each other - a theory of integration, linear algebra, mathematical analysis , a theory of numeric and complex analysis and so on ;)
edytowany przez Robbertoxx: 27 maj 2016
Yes, you can know a language

I cannot comprehend what did you mean by that . " You can speak a language " - but you can't know it , I'd say that, for instance , " you've got the knowledge of languages at some level ( which is lower or higher).
edytowany przez Robbertoxx: 27 maj 2016
I wasn't talking about this test, but I'm amazed. C2 is the highest level possible, although I believe the C2 level breaks down into several C2 levels. There can be two persons at reportedly the same level and still one of them may have higher abilities. Besides, one test doesn't prove anything. Either way, congratulations. :) The test may not assess everything perfectly, but certainly does not lie. In addition, you spent about three years in the UK and as I had stated - your English has to be excellent.
"Not such bad"? Are you sure that what you've written is correct?
I had this test in mind: http://testyourvocab.com/result?user=6593652 As you can see, my results. I guess that means I'm in possession of a rather large vocabulary. It doesn't appear to be so, though. I have no trouble reading, but while expressing ideas - even on a piece of paper - my vocabulary doesn't look that, for lack of a better word, impressive, although showing off is just plain wrong in my opinion.
That's a nice comparison. Heh, you probably know what I mean, so I don't have to quote. ;)
Nothing is a piece of cake. Even if something disguises itself as exceptionally easy and effortless, it really isn't, because it is a disguise. Everything requires time. Evidently some people are not patient enough if they are unsuccessful, and when they see others succeed they are envious, failing to observe how these people achieved their goals. Almost everything worth pursuing is a long-term goal.
What a discussion we have! Heheh.
You're right. You can't know all that's contained in a particular language. I went too far to claim it. By the way, I get the impression that school makes learning a language more difficult. These grammar exercises... I remember I used to forget everything (apparently, the Obliviate spell was cast on me regularly, haha) and even if I remembered something, it all mixed up with something else. Languages should not be taught by introducing rules and doing dull, tedious exercises first. Furthermore, I think that speaking and pronunciation are the most valuable skills. We learn languages in order to communicate (and read for pleasure of course) and doing these exercises mindlessly won't help a thing.
Wow, it's so late!
Cytat: Laemear
Nothing is a piece of cake

Quite the opposite. Nothing is a very complex and obscure concept, which mathematicians, logicians and phycisists are struggling with. Some even say that nothing doesn't exist. : )
"Nothing is cricular...
...Then need you wonder
if a trained philosopher
who seeks to define nothing
as the absence of anything
and claims he has found
that nothing is not round
- or hardly ever -
will run a brain fever
to the precise degree of 103
on a Fahrenheit thermometer?"

(z pamięci, więc może niedokładnie)
to piosenka?
Good point, Zielonosiwy. All comes down to... we know nothing, but wait, nothing does not mean it's really nothing, yet some say that nothing exists and are those who say it doesn't. The debate can go on infinitely until we discover that we turned into nothing, however we are unable to discover it after we are... well, nothing - and if we are, then we are something.
That was... weird.
Mg, I had thought that using Polish in this thread is not acceptable. Actually, I believe it is strictly forbidden, so any further actions can entail severe punishment. (Hahaha... I had to say all of this.)
Mg, are you interested in philosophy?
edytowany przez Laemear: 29 maj 2016
Philosophy? Not much, but I like that poem (which actually has an anti-philosophical/anti-scientific ring to it)
however we are unable to discover it after we are..

Sure , we will be unable to comprehend many ,many things yet through long long years..can we get to another solar system ? It is not feasible because of the distances involved and for the fact we cannot travel faster than the speed of light and these are only few reasons . . We can barely can strip atoms to its bare bones , still not knowing certain rules to its finest details, not to mention so- called 'quarks' - our knowledge about them is still far to complete although we've found out a little bit more recently . But still, it is pretty much like sitting on the beach and playing with sand.
I just did that test to kill my time Laemear:) I am not to compete with you but even I , was looking a bit surprised of the results given - I guess I must have had my better day away from my ex- girlfriend ). Of course it does not mean being one hundred per cent reliable ,but you are presented with some approximate results which are not binding .Especially when most of answers seemed equally likely ,so you had to rack your brains to get it right :)
When comes to reading - I still have my Orwell's '1984' copy bought while I was abroad- a gripping account of what may happen to us in these unrest times .However , I also have some of Ambrose. ( D-day , Band of Brothers) -those are purely about the Second World War.
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@Laemear , all depends upon what is meant by philosophy . I usually see it from its religous context . Expectedly , too many things got mixed-up since then , and therefore now we have got some kind of mixture of philosophic ideas and ' sheer 'religous evidence that was conveyed right from the Holy Scriptures . Obviously it would be no end talking about it ;)

you don't know much about philosophy then
you don't know much about philosophy then

I won't be into argue over these issues , my grasp of it is scanty although I do like Christian philosophy . At the end of the day I am a physician myself:)
so how do you reconcile your views with the job that you do? do you tell your female patients that virgin birth is possible, or that their amputated limbs can regrow, as Christian philosophy teaches?
edytowany przez zielonosiwy: 31 maj 2016
Christian philosophy is not paradoxically based on Holy scriptures' premises. Most of beliefs have been adopted to convince others to believe . St .Paul have told about it at times through his lines.
so how do you reconcile your views with the job that you do? do you tell your female patients that virgin birth is possible, or that their amputated limbs can regrow

well, it is not feasible now , but Christianism taught about living without any deasase nor death when the times come . No one can point exact date :(
so what is it based on?
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