aim at – tłumaczenie phrasal verb

Tłumaczenie na polski czasownika frazowego aim at wraz z przykładem użycia. ...............

aim at

phrasal verb z czasownikiem aim
  1. kierować coś do kogoś
    aim something at somebody

    Our new magazine is aimed at young professionals interested in property development.

    We had originally planned to aim the software at users with no knowledge of computer graphics.

    The project was aimed at homeless people and managed to help dozens to find somewhere to live.

  2. dążyć do, starać się coś zrobić
    aim at doing something

    I aimed at finishing this before the weekend but there's no chance of that.

    Were you aiming at painting the whole room in one day? I don't think a professional could manage that.

    I hear Michael is aiming at getting a promotion before the end of the year.

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