clear up – tłumaczenie phrasal verb

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clear up

phrasal verb z czasownikiem clear
  1. wyjaśniać, rozwiązywać (zagadkę, problem)
    clear something up

    There's obviously been a misunderstanding here. Perhaps John can clear things up?

    Read this. It should help to clear things up and make sure you fully understand the situation.

    I could clear up your misconceptions if you'd let me speak.

  2. posprzątać, odłożyć rzeczy na miejsce
    clear (something) up

    I wish you'd clear up after yourself once in a while!

    You go out for some sun and I'll clear up the dinner things. It won't take me long.

    I don't believe it! I cleared up these toys an hour ago, and you've made a mess again!

  3. przejaśniać się (o pogodzie), przechodzić (o chorobie)

    That rash on your arm is definitely starting to clear up now that you're using the new skin cream.

    I hope my cold clears up before the holiday. I don't want to be ill when we're away.

    It's been cloudy all week but the skies are expected to clear up tomorrow.

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