drop off – tłumaczenie phrasal verb

Tłumaczenie na polski czasownika frazowego drop off wraz z przykładem użycia. ...............

drop off

phrasal verb z czasownikiem drop
  1. podrzucić kogoś gdzieś po drodze
    drop somebody off

    Really, it's no problem. I'll drop you off at the station before I go to work.

    Do you think Nigel will drop me off at the airport on his way to see Mary?

    Sorry I'm late. I had to drop Lionel off at the sports centre.

  2. zasnąć

    I was telling my grandmother about my holiday when she dropped off. I didn't want to wake her up, so I went to bed.

    I dropped off during a meeting yesterday but I don't think anyone noticed I was snoozing.

    I couldn't help dropping off. The lecture was so boring and I was really tired.

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