grow out of – tłumaczenie phrasal verb

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grow out of

phrasal verb z czasownikiem grow
  1. wyrosnąć z czegoś (ubrań)
    grow out of something

    The children are quickly growing out of most of their clothes.

    I've sadly grown out of some of my favourite shoes.

    The expense of replacing clothes as children grow out of them is huge.

  2. stracić zainteresowanie czymś, wyrosnąć z czegoś
    grow out of something

    I'm sure that Sam will eventually grow out of his dream of becoming a rock star.

    I once fancied being an actor but grew out of the idea and became a teacher.

    It seems that Michael has grown out of his plan to sail around the world. He's realised he isn't that adventurous.

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