pick up – tłumaczenie phrasal verb

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pick up

phrasal verb z czasownikiem pick
  1. odebrać kogoś, podjechać po kogoś
    pick somebody up

    Call me when you land in London and I'll come and pick you up.

    Can you pick the kids up today? They finish school at four o'clock.

    Tell you parents I'll pick them up at the station.

  2. polepszyć się, poprawić się

    Let's hope business picks up soon, or we'll be in trouble.

    The party picked up when Amanda arrived. She's always the life and soul.

    We're hoping that interest in the new products picks up after the trade fair.

  3. podnieść
    pick something up

    Don't leave that biscuit on the floor. Pick it up and put it in the bin.

    I often pick up the litter I see in the playground. It's a special place for children and should look nice.

    Bedtime! Pick up your toys and put them back where they go.

  4. podłapać, nauczyć się (bez formalnych lekcji)
    pick something up

    Jim picked up how to operate the machine all by himself. He couldn't find the instruction manual.

    I picked up a few chords from music videos and went on to play the guitar professionally.

    I picked up the basics by helping my dad in his workshop.

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