work out – tłumaczenie phrasal verb

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work out

phrasal verb z czasownikiem work
  1. ćwiczyć, robić ćwiczenia fizyczne

    I try to work out at the gym at least three times a week.

    It's ages since I last worked out and I'm feeling rather unfit.

    It's more fun to work out with other people. There's a good crowd at the gym.

  2. rozwiązać się, powieść się, udać się

    I sincerely hope that everything works out and that you find happiness.

    Everything will work out fine. Trust me on this and carry on.

    How did it all work out in the end? Did they stay together and get married?

  3. opracować, wymyślić, obmyślić
    work something out

    I've worked out how to fix the issue with the motor. It will be ready to use in about an hour.

    It was Mark who worked out how to get everyone to agree. He should be a diplomat!

    We worked out the solution during a long meeting of the engineers and electricians.

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