wrap up – tłumaczenie phrasal verb

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wrap up

phrasal verb z czasownikiem wrap
  1. zapakować, owinąć (np. prezent)
    wrap something up

    You've wrapped up Sarah's present really nicely. I love the red ribbons!

    One of the joys of Christmas is wrapping all the gifts up.

    Wrap up the sandwiches for the beach picnic well so the sand doesn't get on them.

  2. ubrać (się) ciepło
    wrap (somebody) up

    Wrap up well! It's really cold today, so you'll need gloves and a scarf as well as a thick coat.

    We wrapped ourselves up in sweaters, with leggings under our jeans, and enjoyed a long walk despite the freezing temperature.

    You caught a cold because you didn't wrap up. You didn't even wear a hat.

  3. skończyć, zamknąć
    wrap something up

    We got everything sorted out and were able to wrap the meeting up an hour earlier than expected.

    We're tired and hungry. Let's wrap this discussion up for today and continue tomorrow morning.

    Can we wrap this up? I don't think there's anything more we can say about it.

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