big - stopniowanie przymiotnika

Wzór stopniowania przymiotnika big – stopień równy, wyższy i najwyższy plus przykłady użycia w zdaniach.

superlative:(the) biggest
Przykłady zdań:


We keep cups and plates in that big sideboard in the dining room.
There are big discounts at the local sales.
My brother is an engineer in a big factory.
If you have a big lawn, it is easy to water it with a garden hose.
My main meal is breakfast. It's always a big one.
I don't like my big nose.
I dropped a heavy stone on my big toe yesterday and had to go to hospital.
There's a big bath in our bathroom.
My grandfather is a farmer and has a big farm in the north of England.
The African wildlife made a big impression on me.
Elephants have big ears and flap them to stay cool.
Elephants have big ears.
That big clock on the wall is very old. My grandparents gave it to me.
Fiona is a receptionist in a big hotel.
In my opinion the cello is too big and heavy for a child.
That old oak in the middle of the park makes a big impression on everyone.
We've got a big flat, but the kitchen is a bit small.
They've got a big house with a beautiful garden.
That big detached house is very nice. Who lives there?
These dogs have big heads and small ears.
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A mobile and a laptop are standard perks in bigger companies.
I need a better salary if we are to buy a bigger house.
We need a bigger pot to cook soup for ten people.
We must dig a bigger hole for the new tree.
This room is bigger than ours, isn't it?
Our house has a bigger garden but theirs has a swimming pool.
I think one of my breasts is bigger than the other. Is that normal?
After the success of our advertising campaign the boss told us we deserved a bigger bonus.
We need a bigger cage for the parrot. He's grown a lot.
A hare is a lot bigger than a rabbit.
I think I need a bigger surfboard now I'm older.
We need a bigger van if we want to expand the business.
We need to invest in a bigger laboratory.
I'd like a bigger oven so I can put in more food at the same time.
Airliners are getting bigger and can now carry hundreds of people.
I need to change my car for a bigger one.
A bigger beach umbrella would be better. We could both lie down under it.
I can't get all my textbooks into my bag. I need a bigger one.
Their hall is bigger than our living room.
I need a bigger envelope for these documents. I don't want to fold them.
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Is Asia the biggest continent on the planet?
I surfed my biggest wave ever this summer.
Which Chinese temple is the biggest tourist attraction?
My son's divorce is my biggest worry right now.
My brother is a DJ at the biggest club in the capital.
What's the biggest news agency in the world?
This is the biggest square in the city.
Let's see who can blow the biggest bubble!
The car plant is the biggest employer in the region.
The biggest furniture store in town has the highest prices.
The wandering albatross has the biggest wings of all birds.
This underground cave is one of the biggest in Britain.
This structure will be the biggest in the city, and I designed it.
The biggest minus of your way of thinking is that you don't consider cost.

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