young - stopniowanie przymiotnika

Wzór stopniowania przymiotnika young – stopień równy, wyższy i najwyższy plus przykłady użycia w zdaniach.

superlative:(the) youngest
Przykłady zdań:


My mum looks very young. Despite being over 45, she doesn't have many wrinkles on her face.
A group of young men dug up the lawn in front of the school. Such acts of vandalism cannot be ignored.
You must look after your body if you want to look young.
Diane still looks very young for her age.
We've got a new headteacher. She's quite young.
She's already achieved a lot for such a young woman.
Despite his young age and seemingly little experience, Tom is a wise man.
A lot of young people dream of fame.
Fewer young people are going into farming these days. Perhaps that's because it is hard work.
He's a young but very talented jazz musician.
I like reading stories to young children. I do funny voices to make them laugh.
Marjorie got into trouble with the police when she was young.
There's a female over there with a young cub.
I know I'm almost fifty, but I'm young at heart and I've got great legs, so short skirts suit me.
He's a young man but he smokes a pipe.
Don't let your children cycle on main roads. They're too young!
This town needs more cultural activities for young people.
All his friends are elderly now. He has no young friends.
Fiona has wanted to join the army since she was a young girl.
Veal is the meat of a young cow.
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I've got two younger brothers and an elder sister.
I took my younger son to the zoo today. He loved it!
My younger brother is very responsible for his age.
Mick's always set a good example to his younger siblings.
Our neighbours' son is an aggressive type. He bullies younger children from our street.
Mike's been suffering from depression since his younger brother died.
My elder daughter is very musical and the younger one prefers drawing and painting.
I can't believe Sarah is middle-aged. She looks much younger.
Curiously enough, I'd never kissed a younger man before.
My niece is coming to stay with us for the summer holidays. She's my younger sister's daughter.
Kate's thirty? I'm surprised because she looks much younger.
I used to love swimming when I was younger.
My younger son is extremely interested in stars.
I like wearing jeans. They make me look younger.
I deeply regret not having travelled more when I was younger.
Don't splash the water like that! You're upsetting the younger swimmers.
Everybody's gossiping about Muriel at the moment. They say she's having an affair with a much younger man.
The younger generation doesn't seem to be at all interested in punctuation. I suppose it's too much trouble when texting.
The older and younger generations will always complain about each other.
I experimented with drugs when I was younger but I'm clean now.


My youngest son is showing great interest in building blocks.
He has become the youngest Olympic champion in history.
Our youngest son is learning to crawl. He's getting fast!
I was the youngest of six children and never had first pick of anything interesting.

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