happy - stopniowanie przymiotnika

Wzór stopniowania przymiotnika happy – stopień równy, wyższy i najwyższy plus przykłady użycia w zdaniach.

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superlative:(the) happiest
  zadowolony, szczęśliwy
Przykłady zdań:


Mick's just got a part-time gardening job. He's really happy.
I want my child to be happy.
Famous people aren't always happy.
Desmond and Alice look very happy these days.
I'd be happy if these chocolate wrappers were real gold.
They've lived in the country since they got married. They seem very happy.
Margaret is still single but seems quite happy.
Mark grew up in the countryside and had a very happy childhood.
Sandra is happy to act the fool sometimes. She's great to be with.
Maggie's pregnant with her fourth child. She's very happy.
Why haven't you updated the website yet? The boss won't be very happy.
Let's raise our glasses to the happy couple! Cheers!
I'd be happy if I never saw another politician on TV.
I'm very happy here.
I hope to have a happy life.
Not all rich people are happy.
Kate says that she's very happy here.
James isn't really the outdoor type. He's happy at home with his hobbies.
Are the working members of your family happy in their jobs?
Piotr was happy to get back to the familiar surroundings.
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I always have stage fright when I perform at concerts. I'm happier in the studio.
Have you ever met a happier couple? I enjoy their company.
Nothing makes me happier than seeing your beautiful smile.
I wish I were tall. I'd be much happier.
I'd be much happier if you weren't so unhelpful. You're just lazy.
Mr Williams spoke rather coldly about his time with his previous company. He's obviously happier with us.
In a fairy-tale kingdom long ago there lived a lonely prince who dreamed of happier days.
The kids are never happier than when they're splashing about in the pool.
I was about thirty when I realized I had to transform my life for a happier future.
Few things in life make me happier than eating.
My misery was compounded when I lost my job. Fortunately things are much better now.
I've switched over to optical broadband and couldn't be happier.


A lifeguard is happiest when he has nothing at all to do.

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