large - stopniowanie przymiotnika

Wzór stopniowania przymiotnika large – stopień równy, wyższy i najwyższy plus przykłady użycia w zdaniach.

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superlative:(the) largest
Przykłady zdań:


The oil spill from the tanker contaminated a large area of the sea.
The company introduced shiftwork due to a large number of orders.
My family has a large farm in Lincolnshire.
I didn't like to fold the contract in half but I didn't have a large envelope.
My brother is a chemist. He works in a large laboratory.
Have you seen the large pan? I need it for the potatoes.
They're building a large sports centre near the park.
A large ship narrowly missed our boat today. It was scary!
Mr Ward had never addressed a large conference before, but he did well.
Presidents of large organisations cannot publicly complain about stress.
Would you like a large, medium or small bag of potatoes?
We need a car with a large boot because we have four children.
I'd never handled such a large amount of money. I was really nervous.
I never knew that tuna can be so large.
Have you ever written a poem? I've got quite a large collection now.
Large parts of Warsaw were destroyed during the war.
I'm looking for a flat with a large balcony.
I'm a buyer with a large chain of shoe shops.
Flour is cheaper when you buy it in large bags.
The puma moves very gracefully for such a large animal.
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This postcard costs thirty pence. The larger ones are forty pence.
Is it possible to change these shoes for a larger size?
Female black widow spiders are larger than the male.
We'll need a much larger quantity of mini wine bottles for the wedding.
We need a larger board for your new chess set.
What do you feel might be the disadvantages of moving into larger premises?
These tools are unsuitable for the work. I need several larger spanners.
This print is far too small for many elderly people to be able to read comfortably. We must use a larger font.
How can I make the icons larger on my desktop? I can barely see them, never mind read what they are for.


This is the largest ship we've built so far.
This is the largest bookstore in town. They always have what I want.
Which is the largest planet in the solar system?
You're in one of the largest warehouses in the country.
The largest mammal is the blue whale.
The bison is the largest mammal in North America.
The elk is one of the largest species of deer.
This is the largest sporting arena in the west of England.
This is the largest ensemble he's ever conducted. He looks nervous.
Devon is the largest county in England and has about eight thousand miles of road.
This is the largest donation we've ever had and will keep us going for at least a year.
I believe the jaguar is the third largest of the big cats. Only the lion and the tiger are bigger.
How many tons of cargo can the largest sea vessel carry?
I work for one of the largest corporations in the world.
I've just become head of the company's largest division and will have to move to Birmingham.
Which is the largest state in the USA? I think it's either Alaska or California.

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