late - stopniowanie przymiotnika

Wzór stopniowania przymiotnika late – stopień równy, wyższy i najwyższy plus przykłady użycia w zdaniach.

lazy »
superlative:(the) latest
  późny, spóźniony
Przykłady zdań:


I was late back to work because of a long queue at the cash machine.
The bus is late. Let's take a taxi.
I was late for work because I had to change a wheel on the van.
The storm delayed their arrival. They were four hours late.
I was late for work because I turned off the alarm clock and went back to sleep.
We must catch the first bus in the morning or we'll be late for the train.
Don't miss the exit or we'll be late for the meeting.
Sorry I'm late. I stopped to help an elderly man who'd got lost.
I didn't hear the alarm clock this morning and was late for work.
The examination starts at five. Don't be late.
Am I late? Sorry.
It was late summer and the days were getting shorter.
John might be late.
Oh, no! We'll be late!
Why are you so late?
We must catch the earlier train if we don't want to be late for the meeting.
I was frozen waiting for my bus yesterday. It was twenty minutes late.
I've again been reported for being late.
The delivery was a little late but I didn't complain.
The contract was very clear regarding penalties for late completion.
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The later film is probably going to be worth watching. I've had enough of this one.
Could I book a ticket for a later train? I'd like to avoid the rush hour.
I've decided to take a later flight to allow me to sort out a few things before I leave.


The latest issue of the magazine pays tribute to this year's Oscar winners.
You'll find more information in the latest issue of our magazine.
Her latest song reached the top of the charts.
His latest novel will come out next month.
The latest model covers the distance of one hundred kilometres in half an hour.
It's a quarterly magazine, so if you bought the latest issue in January, the next will come out in April.
I think we should buy the latest laptop.
This is my favourite fashion magazine. It always features the latest trends.
His latest novel will be out in September.
The band's gone on a tour to promote their latest release.
How are you going to promote your latest film?
His latest move may damage his career.
The director has decided to make an animated version of his latest film.
His latest book introduces us to two new characters.
Latest reports say the expedition has been delayed because of bad weather.
The artist talked excitedly about his latest project.
I'd like a magazine about the latest developments in technology, please.
Have you heard their latest song?
We're now using the latest software at school. We got a grant from the government.
Phil was sad when no one replied to his latest Facebook post.
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