low - stopniowanie przymiotnika

Wzór stopniowania przymiotnika low – stopień równy, wyższy i najwyższy plus przykłady użycia w zdaniach.

mad »
superlative:(the) lowest
  - niski
- cichy, słaby, przygaszony
- słaby, niski, zły, niepochlebny
- przygnębiony
Przykłady zdań:


The price is so low because the dress is in the sale.
The battery in my mobile is very low. Where's the charger?
The temperature was so low that the lake froze.
My salary is so low that I'm now living on my credit card. I'm in trouble.
Be careful not to bump your head. The roof is very low.
The temperatures were so low that even the waterfalls froze.
I'm looking for a gas station. I'm low on fuel.
My German is at a very low level. I might take another course.
Somebody's put up a low fence on the beach. I have no idea why.
It took us much longer to drive the hundred miles because of the low speed limit.
Who's responsible for such a low level of discipline in schools?
The grower had to sell a huge quantity of apples at a low price before they rotted.
Many bed and breakfast hotels are quite small, but the prices are low.
Debbie liked her job but left because of the low wage.
I thought the airliner was going to crash. It came over my house very low indeed.
Keep the volume low or the neighbours will complain about the music.
Nurses are leaving the profession because of the low pay.
Our school is next to that low building on the right.
Our flat has a low ceiling, so heating isn't too expensive.
We chose a house with low ceilings to save on heating costs.
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Intermediate skiers are not advised to use the higher slopes.
One of the advantages of living in the north is that the house prices are lower.
The lower levels of the building don't get much direct sunlight.
Feta cheese is lower in fat than many cheeses and has a high protein content.
Unlike those living on the lower floors, I can't hear the noise of the traffic.
It can be quite windy even on the lower slopes.
A policeman controlled this crossroads when I was a kid. He wore white covers on his lower arms and had white gloves.
The cello produces notes in a lower register than the violin because it's bigger.
You sound awful when you try to sing high. Be happy in the lower registers!
I somehow can't figure out what to subtract from the total to calculate how much I still owe you.


What was the lowest temperature ever recorded here?
I've left your dinner in the oven. Heat it up on the lowest setting for about half an hour.
All this stuff has to go straight back to the manufacturer. It's absolute rubbish of the lowest quality imaginable.

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