old - stopniowanie przymiotnika

Wzór stopniowania przymiotnika old – stopień równy, wyższy i najwyższy plus przykłady użycia w zdaniach.

« oily
pale »
comparative:older / elder
superlative:(the) oldest / eldest
  - stary
- stary
- dawny, poprzedni, stary

old stopniujemy na dwa sposoby:

playold - elder - the eldest stary (kiedy mówimy o starszeństwie w rodzinie, oprócz porównań z than – wtedy używamy older)
playold - older - the oldest stary (pozostałe przypadki)
Przykłady zdań:


Tom is only three years old but he's very self-reliant. He doesn't need your help to get dressed.
Where are the scissors? I want to cut up these old letters before I throw them out.
My grandparents are too old to work in the garden, so they have employed a gardener.
You will find the old files in the filing cabinet.
I found an interesting advertisement for an old bike in yesterday's paper.
I don't want to retire yet, but I feel too old to work full time.
My father is fifty-five years old next week.
Jack is thirty-five years old and he still lives with his parents.
My grandfather is eighty years old.
Sally is worried about the lines on her forehead. She says they make her look old.
That big clock on the wall is very old. My grandparents gave it to me.
My dad isn't very old but he's got grey hair.
That old oak in the middle of the park makes a big impression on everyone.
There are two old apple trees in my grandparents' garden.
I'm 15 (years old).
This house is 50 years old.
This book is very old, so please be careful with it.
This computer is old but it will be good enough for the office.
My grandma is very old.
My little sister is five years old tomorrow.
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older / elder

Daniel often speaks jealously of his successful elder brother.
Debbie is Stephen's elder by several years, but they're very close.
I get on well with my elder brother.
I've got two younger brothers and an elder sister.
My elder brother has started a fishing club. It has fifteen members already.
My elder daughter is very musical and the younger one prefers drawing and painting.
This was painted by my elder sister. I wish I had her talent.
A lot of people continue to play with kites when they get older.
Cardigans are for older guys who wear slippers and smoke a pipe.
Even older men are comfortable about wearing earrings these days.
Eyelids change as people get older.
Harold is going to have to accept that he's getting older.
I don't like digital watches, I much prefer the older kind.
I find it difficult to tolerate fools as I get older.
I tend to socialize less and less as I get older. I enjoy my own company.
I think I need a bigger surfboard now I'm older.
I think I'm becoming more clumsy as I get older.
I'm losing my willingness to give others the benefit of the doubt. I'm becoming much more judgmental as I get older.
I'm not so interested in fashion trends now I'm older, but I still like to dress well.
I'm not sure I'll be able to look after my parents adequately when I'm older.
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oldest / eldest

It broke my heart when our oldest dog died last week.
The cathedral is one of the oldest and most beautiful buildings in the city.
Dorothy is the eldest of Mr and Mrs Smith's seven children.
Is Philip the eldest of your six brothers?
My eldest son is at university.
My eldest son is getting married this summer.
My eldest son never really understood independence until he went to university and started washing his own socks.
The obvious choice of best man was the groom's eldest brother.
This is Jenny, my eldest grandchild.
Who's the eldest member of your family?

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