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Wzór stopniowania przymiotnika easy – stopień równy, wyższy i najwyższy plus przykłady użycia w zdaniach.

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superlative:(the) easiest
  • easy
Przykłady zdań:


If you have a big lawn, it is easy to water it with a garden hose.
We must take out insurance against theft. Tourists are an easy target.
It looks easy to play the piano but it needs years of practice to play well.
This accounting software is excellent. It's so easy to use.
It wasn't easy but I've saved some of Maggie's cake for you.
This new program is very easy to use.
We've got about fifty shots. It won't be easy to choose the best for the cover.
These words are very similar and it's easy to confuse them.
Mike's an easy-going guy. He doesn't worry about anything.
Ham and melon salad is easy to make. Even you could do one.
It's not easy being a teacher at a secondary school.
This exercise is very easy.
It's easy to be carefree when you have lots of money.
I like being with easy-going people. I feel relaxed in their company.
I wouldn't say he's an easy-going type, but he's okay to spend time with.
Getting across the river was a challenge, then the rest was easy.
Come on, it's an easy jump across the river.
Someone of your height should find it easy to buy clothes that fit well.
I thought writing poetry would be easy but it isn't.
Have you ever made lemonade? It's very easy.
It's better not to drive in fog. It's easy to have a terrible accident.
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I'll get a board. It'll be easier to play the game.
I'd be lost without my assistant. She makes my life much easier.
People are demanding more and more power to make their lives easier.
It's much easier to read the display on my new tablet.
I find it easier to work at a corner desk.
I bought the best iron in the shop. It will make my life a lot easier.
Photography is a lot easier with digital cameras.
The new sink is much easier to clean.
I hope the examination papers will be easier than last year's.
A rectangular lawn will be much easier to maintain.
Learning is much easier now that we have computers and the Internet.
A couple of helpers would make the job a lot easier.
These modern corkscrews are much easier to use than the traditional type.
Psychological cruelty is much easier to hide than anything physically abusive.
I'll wet your hair a little before I trim it. It'll be easier to cut.
I couldn't see the cursor very well until my nephew changed something to make it easier to see.
Is your team still working on that new drug that will hopefully make life easier for hay fever sufferers?


Teaching isn't the easiest job in the world.
A good hand washing is the easiest way to ensure prevention of the spread of germs when cooking.
The triangle must be the easiest musical instrument to learn to play.
A husband's father-in-law might not be the easiest person to get on with when his little girl leaves home.

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