expensive - stopniowanie przymiotnika

Wzór stopniowania przymiotnika expensive – stopień równy, wyższy i najwyższy plus przykłady użycia w zdaniach.

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comparative:more expensive
superlative:(the) most expensive
  • expensive
Przykłady zdań:


The doctor went to prison for bribery. He had been taking money and expensive gifts from his patients for years.
It's an expensive shop, isn't it? I'll just look.
Fiona wants to marry a rich guy. She has expensive tastes.
Nice watch. Was it expensive?
We want to stay in an expensive hotel by the sea.
This perfume is very expensive.
Paintings are very expensive, so we have cinema posters on the walls.
It's an expensive city. You won't find cheap accommodation here.
The houses in this district are very expensive indeed.
Computers are not as expensive as they used to be.
The envelope weighs eight grammes, so postage shouldn't be expensive.
Though the dress was quite expensive, I decided to buy it.
Don't have the heating on maximum, it's too expensive. Wear a sweater.
The basic utensils needed for cookery aren't so expensive.
Getting the best sports equipment can be very expensive.
Meat is too expensive these days. I mostly eat fish.
Dennis chose the least expensive dish on the menu.
A good quality hockey stick can be quite expensive.
I'd go by rail if it weren't so expensive. I'm on the cheap bus again.
That will suit me fine, thanks. We don't need an expensive wine.
That grocer's is really expensive. Let's go to the supermarket.
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more expensive

Cotton clothing is getting more expensive.
The music system is an optional extra on this model. It's a standard fitting in the more expensive cars.
My medication is becoming more and more expensive as I get older. It should be free for retired people.
These tools are more expensive than the others, but they are guaranteed for a lifetime.

most expensive

Hilary bought the most expensive wedding dress in the shop.
Steve's dad bought him the most expensive snowboard in the shop.

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