famous - stopniowanie przymiotnika

Wzór stopniowania przymiotnika famous – stopień równy, wyższy i najwyższy plus przykłady użycia w zdaniach.

comparative:more famous
superlative:(the) most famous
  • famous
Przykłady zdań:


This house was designed by a famous Italian architect.
He's a famous photographer. He works for a fashion magazine.
She wants to order her wedding dress from a famous designer.
Our cookery course included lessons from a famous chef.
It will be exciting to visit all those famous museums.
Famous people aren't always happy.
Famous people find it hard to protect their privacy.
He's a famous art collector.
The organisers of the festival have invited a lot of famous entertainers.
All her family disapproved of her relationship with a famous actor. She knew about it.
Several famous singers have recorded in Harry's studio. He's doing well.
He's a famous singer.
India is famous for its spicy curries.
Philip spends a lot of time restoring antique books. He's a famous specialist.
The life of a famous model involves a lot of hard work.
I got a huge tip from a famous actor yesterday. I think he fancied me.
The palace is famous for its art collection.
This region is famous for its magnificent waterfalls.
The characters in this comic seem very similar to famous politicians.
My hairdresser has quite a few famous clients.
I'm sure I saw a famous politician in the town centre today.
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most famous

Which is the country's most famous university?
The most famous tower in the world is the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
She's one of the most famous television presenters. The programmes she hosts always have top viewer ratings.
I think the Leaning Tower of Pisa is the most famous tower in the world.
The most famous sword in the world is probably Excalibur, connected with the legend of King Arthur.

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