thin - stopniowanie przymiotnika

Wzór stopniowania przymiotnika thin – stopień równy, wyższy i najwyższy plus przykłady użycia w zdaniach.

superlative:(the) thinnest
  - cienki
- chudy
- rzadki, przerzedzony
- rzadki, rozrzedzony, wodnisty
Przykłady zdań:


My arms are very thin. I need to work out more.
The lake is frozen but the ice is too thin for skating.
You shouldn't wear dark underwear if you're wearing a thin, white dress.
Long-grain rice is thin and pointed.
Tina's got long but very thin hair.
The walls are so thin that we can hear every sound our neighbours make.
I've always been thin even though I eat quite a lot.
You can use these combination pliers to cut this thin cable.
The plane can be adjusted so it removes very thin strips of wood.
Don't go skating on the lake. The ice is still very thin.
We just need some wire and paper to make simple decorations.
The driver didn't notice a sharp bend and lost control of the car.
Police annually have to investigate hundreds of inexplicable disappearances. People can simply vanish into thin air.
You have to pour out Guinness slowly so you get a thin, white head on it.
This yogurt is a bit thin and there's not much fruit in it.
My pen has vanished into thin air! Can I borrow yours, please?


The singer wore a tight corset underneath her dress to make her look thinner.
Wear a shirt with stripes if you want to look thinner.
I think fair hair is generally thinner than dark hair.

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