strict - stopniowanie przymiotnika

Wzór stopniowania przymiotnika strict – stopień równy, wyższy i najwyższy plus przykłady użycia w zdaniach.

superlative:(the) strictest
  - surowy, srogi
- ścisły, surowy
  • strict
  • strict
Przykłady zdań:


Few pupils like Mrs Armitage because she's so strict.
Fragments of the article were cut out due to strict censorship at that time.
I wish my teacher wasn't so strict all the time. Her classes are boring.
Mr Barker is very strict with his children. I sometimes feel sorry for them.
There are strict rules about driving on public roads.
Do you think I'm too strict with the pupils at times?
You shouldn't be so strict all the time. Try to be nice to people.
I've seen that ticket inspector before. He's really strict with people who haven't paid for their journey.
The referee was a bit strict sometimes but overall he managed to maintain discipline.


The company intends to introduce stricter safety measures.


Please speak honestly. We are completely alone and anything you say will be treated in the strictest confidence.
Trevor stared at me coldly for a moment before telling everyone everything I'd told him in the strictest confidence. I don't think he's ever liked me.

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