Przyimek from

Tutaj zapoznamy się z wyrażeniami przyimkowymi, które tworzone są z przyimkiem from:

Prepositional phrase Translation Example
playfrom A to B od A do B playTake a train from Warsaw to Cracow. It will be the quickest!
playfrom place to place z miejsca do miejsca playWhat do we call people who travel from place to place?
playfrom time to time od czasu do czasu playFrom time to time I go to the countryside in order to relax.
playfrom now on od teraz playThat's enough. From now on there will be no talking during my lessons.
playfrom my point of view z mojego punktu widzenia playFrom my point of view the solution isn't the best because I have twice as much work.
playfrom memory z pamięci playThe artist was so talented that he could paint her portrait from memory!
playfrom experience z doświadczenia playI learned from experience that you should never trust a woman.
play(go) from bad to worse pogorszyć się playThe news just go from bad to worse for this industry.
playfrom morning to night od rana do nocy playIs working from morning to night really a good way to solve your personal problems?
playfrom scratch od zera playThis millionaire also started from scratch. It was another American dream.
playfrom wood / flour / plastic z drewna / mąki / plastiku playAre pancakes made from flour?
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