Przyimek out of

Oto lista wyrażeń przyimkowych z out of:

Prepositional phrase Translation Example
playout of order zepsuty playIf your modem is out of order take it back to the shop.
play(get) out of practice wychodzić z wprawy playI have to practise more as I'm getting out of practice.
play(be) out of touch nie być w kontakcie playHow's Tom? I don't know. We've been out of touch since we broke up.
playout of the way na uboczu playThe village is out of the way. You can't get there by bus or by train.
play(be) out of breath stracić dech w piersiach, zasapać się playLet's have a break. I'm out of breath.
playout of control poza kontrolą playI can't babysit for you. Your children are out of control!
playout of date staroświecki playMost parents are out of date. They just don't understand young people.
playout of fashion niemodny playYou aren't going to impress her wearing clothes which are so out of fashion.
playout of print wyczerpany (o nakładzie) playI'm afraid the book will not be available anymore. It's out of print.
playout of luck pechowy playFirst I lost my job, then my wife left me... I feel I'm out of luck.
playout of sight poza zasięgiem wzroku playNobody could see the man. He was out of sight.
playout of tune niedostrojony, fałszujący playTHe concert didn't go well. They were playing out of tune.
playout of earshot poza zasięgiem słuchu playI couldn't hear that man. He was out of earshot.
playout of time po terminie playI'm terribly sorry but we can't accept your application. It's out of time.
playout of (one's) pocket za własne pieniądze, z własnej kieszeni playYou don't have to pay. Today the boss is paying for dinner out of his pocket.
play(get) out of hand (wymykać się) spod kontroli playThe demonstration is getting out of hand. We have to call the police.
playout of stock wyprzedany playThese laptops are out of stock. We don't have them.
playout of the question wykluczony, poza dyskusją playNo way! Going on holiday with your friends is out of the question.
playout of reach poza zasięgiem playFor an average citizen of this country essential medicines are out of reach.
playout of work bez pracy, bezrobotny playIf the factory closes down, over 2,000 people will be out of work.
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