bring back – tłumaczenie phrasal verb

Tłumaczenie na polski czasownika frazowego bring back wraz z przykładem użycia. ...............

bring back

phrasal verb z czasownikiem bring
  1. oddać, zwrócić
    bring something back

    It's about time you brought back that book I lent you a while ago.

    I'll bring back your lawnmower as soon as I've finished with it.

    The mechanic said he'd bring back the car tomorrow afternoon.

  2. przywrócić
    bring something back

    I'll have some fashionable clothing in the attic if they ever bring back flared jeans.

    Some people still think the death penalty should be brought back.

    I read yesterday that there's a plan to bring some old TV comedies back. I've probably seen them all.

  3. przywrócić, wywołać
    bring something back

    These old photographs bring back so many memories of when I lived in France.

    This song will bring plenty of memories back. We danced to it when we first met.

    I'd almost forgotten about my time with Sally, but this letter has brought it all back.

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