bring down – tłumaczenie phrasal verb

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bring down

phrasal verb z czasownikiem bring
  1. zasmucić, zdołować, przygnębić
    bring somebody down

    The news that my favourite singer had died really brought me down.

    It really brings me down when I see all the world's problems on the TV news.

    Peter seems to bring everyone down instead of making them happy.

  2. obalić
    bring somebody/something down

    A bribery scandal eventually brought down the government.

    The president was brought down by a series of allegations about corruption.

    Rebels aim to bring down the ruling party by the end of the year.

  3. zmniejszyć, zredukować, obniżyć
    bring something down

    You must take more exercise if you want to bring down your fat levels.

    This committee demands that the cost of public administration be brought down dramatically.

    Well, the new diet has helped to bring down the amount of sugar in your blood.

  4. powalić
    bring something down

    Many trees were brought down in the storm.

    A cow got a foot caught in the tent's ropes and brought it down when she ran off.

    Parts of London have been without electricity since strong winds brought down power lines.

  5. sprowadzić na ziemię/lądować
    bring something down

    Jeff had to bring the helicopter down in a really strong wind.

    The plane was safely brought down by the co-pilot after the captain lost consciousness.

    They bring the balloon down by simply turning off the gas to the hot-air blower.

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