fall behind – tłumaczenie phrasal verb

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fall behind

phrasal verb z czasownikiem fall
  1. zalegać (np. z płatnościami)
    fall behind with/on something

    There's no money in the bank but at least we haven't fallen behind with the rent.

    If I don't get paid for my last job soon, we're going to fall behind with the bills.

    The bank manager tells me we've fallen behind with five of our regular payments.

  2. zostawać z tyłu
    fall behind (somebody/something)

    I think Thomas has fallen behind in class because of problems at home. He was near the top of the class until recently.

    I started to fall behind when I got a leg cramp during lap three and the other runners passed me easily.

    We are falling behind the competition because our products are both dated and expensive.

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