knock off – tłumaczenie phrasal verb

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knock off

phrasal verb z czasownikiem knock
  1. skończyć pracę

    What time do you knock off on Fridays? I thought we could meet for a drink after work.

    I'll be knocking off early today so you can do dinner for about five.

    We knock off a bit late whenever the boss is around.

  2. ukraść, podprowadzić, zwędzić
    knock something off

    You shouldn't buy cigarettes from Dave. He knocks them off from the shop he works in.

    All these CDs are knocked off. That's why they aren't in the original boxes.

    Phil was knocking stuff off from work for years before he got caught.

  3. odjąć, potrącić
    knock somethig off (something)

    This advert says they've knocked ten pounds off the price of the trainers I want. I'll go and get them now.

    The shops always knock a lot off their prices after Christmas to attract customers.

    I'm sorry, but I can't knock any more off the price. I have to make a living.

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