run into – tłumaczenie phrasal verb

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run into

phrasal verb z czasownikiem run
  1. spotkać kogoś przypadkiem, wpaść na kogoś
    run into somebody

    I never expected to run into my boss in that part of town, but there he was with two men and a woman.

    I'm so pleased to run into you like this. How are things with you?

    We ran into Martin this morning. I thought he'd moved away to start a new job.

  2. wpaść w coś (kłopoty, długi), napotkać/spotkać się z (problemem)
    run into something

    We've run into trouble with financial backing. Two sponsors are having second thoughts.

    You can rely on Phillip to help if you run into problems.

    There's a good chance we'll run into opposition from green activists, but the town needs this factory.

  3. wjechać w coś, uderzyć w coś
    run (something) into something

    I skidded on wet ice and the car ran into a tree by the side of the road. I was unhurt and the damage was slight.

    I turned a sharp corner on my bike and ran into the back of a parked van.

    An idiot in a sports car almost ran into us as I was parking the car.

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