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take out

phrasal verb z czasownikiem take
  1. zabrać kogoś gdzieś, wyjść z kimś
    take somebody out

    I'm taking out the children later this afternoon. The weather's too good to stay in.

    I took my wife out yesterday evening. We hadn't been anywhere for months.

    I've promised to take my parents out for the day sometime next week.

  2. usunąć, wyjąć
    take (something) out

    Please take out the frozen fish from the freezer before you go out so it's ready to cook when I get back.

    I've taken the rubbish out of the drawers. What should I do with it?

    Take out all the tools, give them a good clean and put them back in the box.

  3. wziąć, pobrać, wykupić (pożyczkę, polisę ubezpieczeniową, itp.)
    take something out

    I have to go to the bank to take out some money for the train tickets.

    I took out this insurance policy because my friend recommended it.

    If I don't get paid for the project soon, I'll have to take out a loan.

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