short - stopniowanie przymiotnika

Wzór stopniowania przymiotnika short – stopień równy, wyższy i najwyższy plus przykłady użycia w zdaniach.

shy »
superlative:(the) shortest
  - krótki
- krótki
- niski
Przykłady zdań:


Who's that girl with short hair?
I've got very short hair. I don't use a comb.
My hair is so short that I don't have to comb it.
Maggie is quite short, so she likes wearing shoes with high heels.
I'm amazed! Gordon is out cycling only a short time after his heart attack.
After a short break I decided to carry on my piano lessons.
Short sweaters are in fashion this year.
Do you really want to go out wearing this short skirt and knee socks? You look ridiculous!
I don't think stockings are appropriate if you're wearing such a short skirt. Your pants are showing.
After a short conversation with a man in the street, we were told we were on a candid camera show.
I know I'm almost fifty, but I'm young at heart and I've got great legs, so short skirts suit me.
They had a short, wild romance and then suddenly split up.
The suspect is a middle-aged woman with short grey hair.
You have an unusual signature. It's very short and you have a long name.
The sleeves on this shirt are too short.
I heard that Maria had a short romance with a millionaire.
We can only make a short visit because Rob has to go to work on Monday.
The new shower curtain I bought is too short. I'll try to exchange it.
I can confirm that you'll be on the short list for the manager's job.
This ladder is too short. I need a longer one to paint the ceiling.
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It was late summer and the days were getting shorter.
The cupboard would fit in here if it were a centimetre shorter.
The frame is just a few millimetres too short. Shall I cut the photo?
Do you think my hair looks better shorter? I'm not sure now.

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