small - stopniowanie przymiotnika

Wzór stopniowania przymiotnika small – stopień równy, wyższy i najwyższy plus przykłady użycia w zdaniach.

« slow
superlative:(the) smallest
Przykłady zdań:


Vicky is too small to eat at the table. We must buy a highchair for her.
One wardrobe is too small for all my clothes.
Our kitchen is very small, so we have a folding table.
We have a small garden, so a watering can is enough to water the flower beds.
Your hands are very small.
Ants create amazing social structures for creatures with such small brains.
Our kitchen is very small. There's only a cooker, a sink and a table.
Julia is a secretary at a small business on the edge of town.
This car is too small for us now that we have John.
We've got a big flat, but the kitchen is a bit small.
These dogs have big heads and small ears.
My grandparents live in a small village.
I work in a small office and really like my colleagues.
We decided to buy a small basin for the bathroom to make more room.
It was a small cut but it bled for twenty minutes.
There are too many buildings on the coast. There's only a small beach now.
It was only a small cut but it wouldn't stop bleeding for ages.
My aunt runs a small honey shop. She keeps her own bees.
The cell was so small that the prisoners could hardly move around.
I have a small circle of close friends.
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The strong wind broke the smaller branches of the beech tree in the back garden.
I had a pet parrot until we moved into a smaller flat. I called him Squawky.
These trousers don't fit me. I need a smaller size.
Apricots are smaller than peaches.
I never go to the mall. I prefer the smaller shops in the town centre.
Electronic components are getting smaller every year.
I wish my tablets were smaller. These are difficult to swallow.
I think the female lion is smaller than the male.
Computer hardware is continuing to get smaller each year.
It's about time I tidied my wardrobe. It's getting hard to find the smaller things.
I like London but I prefer Oxford because it's smaller and quieter.
If I lose my job, I'll have to find a smaller apartment.
This bike is the junior model. It's smaller than the senior model over there.
I've bought a smaller teaspoon, so I'll put less sugar in my tea and coffee.
The dispute has largely been settled with only minor protests from several smaller factions.
Of course we need to regulate exports, but not at the expense of making life unnecessarily difficult for smaller companies.
I've had to buy a smaller pipe to do the details on the cake icing.
There'll be a smaller reception for the VIPs on the lawn at the back of the house, weather permitting.


You always criticise her smallest mistakes. Don't be so petty.
There are three bedrooms in our house. I've got the smallest.
Even the smallest creatures should be respected and protected.

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