Przysłówki – ćwiczenia z angielskiego

Polecenie: Choose the correct adverbs to complete the sentences.
poziom ćwiczenia: advanced

Opis gramatyki: Przysłówki w języku angielskim

  1. You have   proved to me that you don't care about anything.

  2. It's a   known fact that pollution is a problem.

  3. You   get top marks! How do you do it?

  4. I've   notified the boss that I'm resigning in June.

  5. The meeting was going well until Clive spoke and it all went   from that moment.

  1. I banged my head on the seat in front when the bus stopped  .

  2. Please speak  . We want to hear the truth.

  3. This restaurant is   the best in town.

  4. Don't speak so   to the children, please!

  5. Fold your clothes   and put them away.

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